Drupal und WebCT aus Anwendersicht

Charles Lowe hat am Ende des Semesters seine Studenten an der Purdure University West Lafayette, Indiana nach deren Erfahrungen mit WebCT und Drupal gefragt. Da bei Drupal die Gruppenkommunikation konzeptionell im Mittelpunkt steht, ist es nicht weiter verwunderlich, dass Drupal von den Studenten klar favorisiert worden ist. Interessant fand ich dann aber noch einige weitere Bemerkungen:

Personally, I like the way Drupal is set up much better than WebCT. WebCT is not organized or very user friendly. It takes me ten minutes to figure out how to find something and it is usually a really inconvenient route. Drupal seems to be more organized and set up better. It is extremely easy to check the course website for that weeks assignments and such. Also, with the links to all of the projects on the side, it is very easy to access each one.

Drupal is an easy program to use, and it works well with websites. It was easy to access and find information on. WebCT is very unorganized and hard to use. Its very basic, but too confusing. Drupal was a lot more organized and easier to find what you needed.

I think that Drupal was a lot easier to use than WebCT. First the navigation was a lot more simple than WebCT. Most of the links on Drupal were easy to find and were not confusing like some of the links on WebCT. Another reason I prefer Drupal is the fact that it works a lot of different browsers. There are a lot more strict browser requirements for using WebCT. I have also notice that it takes a long time for WebCT to load. On some of the slower computers that I have used, opening up WebCT will freeze up the computer.

I think Drupal is a lot more easier to use than webct. Webct's layout is awful, with Drupal it is so easy to find everything. Drupal also made this class a lot more interactive. You can post responses to what other students are writing and such. Webct has a discussion area but nobody ever uses it. The only thing that webct seems to have that Drupal doesn't is a grade posting system. If Drupal could include grades exactly how webct does then I would definitely suggest that Purdue classes start using Drupal.

Weiterlesen bei Charlie Lowe: End of Semester Class Technology Survey.

[via Harold Jarche]