IBM setzt Drupal ein (fiktiv)

Die IBM ist ja seit einigen Jahren groß im Geschäft mit Open Source-Lösungen. Und die IBM beschäftigt sich seit geraumer Zeit mit den Möglichkeiten der Social Software in der Weiterbildung und Kompetenzentwicklung. Man darf schließlich nicht vergessen, dass »Big Blue« sich in den letzten Jahren von einem Hardware-Hersteller zu einem Beratungshaus gewandelt hat.

Soviel vorweg. Ein Team der IBM »Internet Technology Group« spielt auf developerWork nun einen fiktiven Beratungsfall durch:

Today, Web sites are a critical part of business, and the tools to create and deploy Web sites are becoming more flexible and easier to use. However, the production of complicated Web applications that require more than the standard methods of interaction (such as blogs) is not trivial. Often, each application within an organization can require customization.

In this series we use a fictitious organization, International Business Council (IBC), to show you how to more effectively maximize your Web site capabilities. IBC connects its employees with external business partners in a collaborative community however, the existing Web site is not meeting their current business needs, and the site must be redesigned. The new, customized Web site must have document storage, discussion groups, specialized workgroups, conference scheduling, schedule session descriptions, session expiration, and other tasks.

The users' role is to enhance the offerings of the company by improving strategic and tactical decisions. The user community is organized around core issues of workgroups. The community meets face-to-face several times a year in a conference setting. At the conference, issues are identified and then resolved between meetings. The Web site is used to provide information about the community's activities, such as conferences, and as a way to track progress about issues raised at the meetings.

The existing Web site is based on a document repository that provides a way to exchange documents and update the members about upcoming events. However, the Web site is inadequate for promoting community interaction, especially in the context of Web 2.0 sites with enhanced capabilities such as Weblogs, discussion groups, RSS feeds, and so on. The team's goal is to encourage the community's interaction and provide a publishing framework to support the community activities.

Was mich dabei besonders freut: Das Team setz bei der Software auf Drupal.

Weiterlesen bei IBM: Using open source software to design, develop, and deploy a collaborative Web site, Part 1: Introduction and overview.

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