Wiki-Einführung bei Reederei NYK Europe

Alek Lotoczko von NYK Europe berichtet in einem Interview, das er Wiki-Evangelist Stewart Mader gegeben hat, über die Einführung des firmeninternen Wikis (NYK Europe ist Kunde von Maders Arbeitgeber Atlassian). Man erfährt dort, wofür man das Wiki benutzt (Meeting Management, Project Management, Tacit Knowledge, Contact Information...) und vor allem auch die Bereiche, in denen sich das Wiki positiv bemerkbar gemacht hat:

  1. Increased Willingness to Share Knowledge - Data, like departmental work plans for the coming year, which were once considered secret, are now open to all to view.
  2. More Reliable Information - For example, phone/contact lists are no longer out of date.
  3. Better Meeting Management - It is now easy to get additional items onto a meeting agenda and meeting minutes tend to be published quicker.
  4. Improved ‘Onboarding’ for New Employees - New hires are able to get up-to-speed ahead of their attendance at induction days.
  5. Interoffice Collaboration - When staff transfer from Europe to Asia, they want to keep using the wiki. This wasn’t possible due to technical restrictions with the intranet, but is easily possible with the wiki. They just use the same login, even after transferring offices. This also helps spread adoption by raising awareness among staff in Asia, and sets the stage for improved collaboration between offices in Europe and Asia.
  6. Increased Participation and Feedback - Most people would never have contributed to other systems, where now they can provide feedback unlike in days of broadcast emails. Some even post content to the wiki on the weekend! Alek says he never saw that happen on the intranet, even with VPN access.

Das sind sehr schöne Punkte, die ich auch alle unterschreiben würde. Man liest dafür nichts von den Schwierigkeiten bei der Einführung oder wie man die Mitarbeiter für die Wiki-Nutzung gewinnen konnte … schade.

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